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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm booking DJ Service with you. Will anyone other than you show up to DJ my event?


A. No. If you book me, you can rest assured that I will be your DJ and Master of Ceremonies.



Q. What do you do besides just play music?


A. I provide much more than just dance music. When you hire me, I become your representative to your guests and your partner in the planning and success of your event. We plan everything well in advance of your big day, so you can relax and enjoy every minute. Your event will run exactly was you wish. You'll hear the kinds of music you want, and nothing you don't. And I will represent you in a manner that puts the focus of the evening on you, your celebration and your guests. More than just music, I help you create memories that last a lifetime.



 Q. Your prices are higher than other DJs I've spoken to. Why?


A. My rates are such that I can offer you the time and attention necessary to insure the success of your event.That means I am available to you at any time. That I use only professional sound equipment and light fixtures, and that equipment is backed up onsite to insure against equipment-related issues. For every hour I spend with you on your wedding day, I invest a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of preparation. This includes a comprehensive planning meeting at your convenience to plan your event from start to finish. I want to be sure to take the time necessary to get to know you so that I may engage and entertain your guests. In short, my commitment to you is as a full-time wedding professional.



Q. A lot of the popular music we'd like to hear at the reception contains objectionable lyrics. What can we do if we select, or our guests request music like that? We want to be good hosts and some guests may not appreciate music like that.


A. The service from which I purchase my music provides only clean-edit versions of popular hit music. So you and your guests can request whatever you like without concern. Or, if you prefer, I will simply refrain from playing certain songs, artists or genres.



Q. Can we come and see you at another event before we make our decision?


A. I understand your desire to see me in action before you hire me. But first and foremost, I must respect the wishes of my couples. Many couples simply do not wish to allow outside guests to attend their event. This means that the opportunity to view me at an event may be limited. And unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that your wedding date will remain available in the meantime.



Q. Another DJ said he would do our event for less. Will you lower your price to match?


A. Unfortunately, I cannot deviate from my price list. I understand that budget is always a concern. However, I feel it would be unfair to those who pay my stated price to offer a lower price simply to secure an event. I believe that my combination of  talent, experience, personal service and commitment to your event make my services an excellent value. I have attempted to keep my prices as transparent as possible by posting them on this website. Simply click "Packages & Pricing" at the top of this page to view a complete all-inclusive price list.  This is your assurance that you are not paying more than anyone else for the same level of service.



I hope I have been able to answer some of your questions. But if you have more, or would like to check your date availability, please call or text me anytime at 330-509-2109, or email

Thank you!!

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